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Best In Class Package


One and only package. We operate with only the best products in the market I order to deliver the best.

We also undertake customised packages that cater specifically to the clients’ wishes. Operates with the best, to deliver the best.

Build your home with Architectural Standards

Process work flow will be

Floor Plan Design

With this visual representation, the floor plan will give you an idea of your home’s interiors.

Soil Test

It’s vital to check the soil before beginning construction. The soil must have certain qualities so that it will be able to withstand the weight of the building.

Structural Plan

This is the final plan with specifications of all the work that is to be performed with all the structural details.


Elevations are representations of how your house will look from certain angles.

Final Estimate

After taking everything into consideration, the estimate will be placed for the entire project.

Construction Agreement

The construction contract is a legally binding agreement between the two parties involved.


After the contracts have been signed and with the client’s approval, work will commence on getting your project ready to be handed-over at the soonest.

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