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Meraki Construction - Best in the field.

The word Meraki means "To do something with, creativity, or Love ; the essence of ourself that is put into your work."

Here at Meraki Construction we believe in integration what we love to do with integrity, honesty and passion. We strive on building and turning your dream into a reality.

Working by your side our goal is not only to meet your requirements but to exceed your expectations.

Our Founder and CEO has completed his Masters in Architecture (M.Arch) and had worked with bigger brands like Amazon and CasaGrand and promises to deliver impulsive professionalism in executing projects. We extended our presence to major cities like Chennai, Bangalore.

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Total initial planning

Rapid Initial Planning accelerates today’s best practices in project management.

Fast working process

We created a self-assessment to evaluate an individual’s pace.

Affordable price

The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged.

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